3. Heden en verleden
Morgen is het precies 4 weken geleden dat het vliegtuig landde in het met sneeuw bedekte Finland. Ondertussen hebben de hopen sneeuw plaatsgemaakt voor de eerste lente bloemen en geeft de temperatuurmeter dubbele cijfers aan (nu boven nul). De eerste weken in Helsinki zijn voorbij gevlogen. Niet alleen omdat... Read more
The Doctor’s autograph book part 2: (un)fortunate events
After traveling Australia for 7 years and returning home for a couple of years, Shane agreed to follow his girlfriend back to her homeland: Japan. He applied for a working holiday visa and got it granted to him. Up until present day he doesn’t understand why, but after this... Read more
The Doctor’s autograph book part 1: Prologue
How a tiny notebook full of famous signatures dating all the way back to 1882, influenced the life of a kind-hearted former world-traveling kiwi. For the start of this story we need to rewind a little bit, back to December. I had just sold my campervan Yaya 1.0 in... Read more
Rough sea(l)s

Rough sea(l)s

Oceania 2017 - ? 24 september 2018

While driving away from the mountain town Saint Arnauds down towards the coast, I could feel the temperature reaching acceptable levels again. On either side of the road, the hills were getting lower and lower while forests made place for vineyards. Not much later I finished the tiny loop which... Read more
First days on the mainland
Even though 75% of the population lives on the smaller North Island, New Zealanders call the South Island the mainland as it’s bigger in size. While looking at the map I realized I had only seen a third of the country and that took me half a year. True,... Read more
The Crossing

The Crossing

Oceania 2017 - ? 12 september 2018

With sore legs but new memories I left New Plymouth & Mount Taranaki. With the shore on the right side I headed to my last few stops on the North Island. In most of them I just stayed a night as there wasn’t that much to see, but in... Read more
On the roof of the North Island
On the south-west corner of the North Island of New Zealand (still following?) there’s a volcano that can be seen from miles and miles as the surrounding landscape is much flatter. At its foot is the ocean, but in between lies the town of New Plymouth. No matter in... Read more
Journey on the river
The morning I left Hastings after 4 months of working (and struggling to stay employed..)  I felt like an arrow show from a bow that had been pulled further and further, increasing the energy with which I blasted off when finally leaving. I fired up my road trip playlist... Read more
Farm life 5: Return of the blog (and the apples)
Written on August 19th, 2018. (3 days ago) The sound of quietness feels like a TV without reception. It’s messy, noisy, but constant. I haven’t heard this in a long time. The only thing breaking the silence are the keystrokes on my laptop as I’m writing this. I should have continued... Read more
Farm Life 4: The Food Factory
Welcome back! I apologize it has been months since I posted, but now that I have found some time again I hope to pick up writing again. It seems I already wrote this blog in April but never posted it, such a shame. So when reading, assume it’s still... Read more