The Doctor’s autograph book part 1: Prologue
How a tiny notebook full of famous signatures dating all the way back to 1882, influenced the life of a kind-hearted former world-traveling kiwi. For the start of this story we need to rewind a little bit, back to December. I had just sold my campervan Yaya 1.0 in... Read more
Rough sea(l)s

Rough sea(l)s

Oceania 2017 - ? 24 september 2018

While driving away from the mountain town Saint Arnauds down towards the coast, I could feel the temperature reaching acceptable levels again. On either side of the road, the hills were getting lower and lower while forests made place for vineyards. Not much later I finished the tiny loop which... Read more
10. Terug naar Start
Het was 01:15 nachts lokale tijd toen de piloot ons welkom heette in Christchurch, om zich vervolgens te verontschuldigen. De vlucht landde namelijk zo’n 2 uur te laat. Toen ik eerder bij de vertrek gate vroeg waarom, wees de stewardess naar buiten. Geen vliegtuig, aha. Aangezien instappen dan lastig... Read more